WordPress Integration

Authorizer is the recommended plugin for CAS authentication at UH.

Authorizer is the recommended plugin for CAS authentication at UH.  It works for LDAP too.

Special thanks to the developers at the College of Education at Manoa for developing this WordPress plugin.

In general, Authorizer is intended to do away with remembering a separate WordPress username and password, and lets you use UH Logins to log you into your WordPress account. It has a few other optional features, like preventing anyone not logged in from seeing the site, and maintaining a list of approved users, but at its core it's just a way to not have to create and remember WordPress usernames/passwords.


Configuring Authorizer for UH Logins (CAS)


 If you want to only let a subset of CAS users log in (like faculty/staff), you'll need to inspect their CAS attributes when they log in and only approve them if they are faculty/staff. There's some documentation on how to do that here (this is written specifically about UH Groupings attributes, but can also apply to uhOrgAffiliation).

Note that you can even leverage UH Groupings for WordPress authorizations.