Shibboleth IdP Single Sign-On

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UH Login Integration Request Form

Requests for integrating your application with UH Login (CAS or Shibboleth) are now available via a single Kuali Build form.

Use this link to make a request: <Request an integration>

Integrations include CAS URL registrations and Shibboleth Identity Provider service metadata sharing.

Authentication and Data Governance Information

The cloud service provider you are working with will need to work with the IAM team to integrate their application with our UH Login Service. UH uses the Shibboleth IdP to provide this service.

  • If you are utilizing a 3rd-party service provider, the release of attributes to this 3rd party requires UH Data Governance Process approval. See below for more information.

  • A Data Governance Process approval is not required if the Service Provider is a member of Internet2 or the InCommon Federation. The services offered by these providers are already covered by UH contracts and agreements.

  • If the 3rd party service provider is a member of the the InCommon Federation, the UH Login Service may already interoperate with the 3rd party service provider.

UH credentials and the UH Login service are used for UH applications as well as for select 3rd-party, cloud-based applications. To request integration to a new 3rd-party, there are two components to the request:

  1. a Data Governance approval request from the UH Data Governance office, and

  2. a 3rd-party integration request from the ITS Identity and Access Management team.

Data Governance Request

The UH Data Governance component is required because the integration effectively shares “restricted” UH data with a 3rd party. Compliance to UH Data Governance policy is a prerequisite to any technical solution. More information on UH Data Governance policies is available:

UH Identity Provider Service Values for Service Providers

Service Providers require the following information so that their SP is able to interface successfully with the UH Identity Provider service.

IdP Info

UH Value


IdP Info

UH Value


Identity Provider EntityID

Production Environment (and metadata source URL)

Identity Provider EntityID

Test Environment (and metadata source URL)

Administrator Email Address

UH is considered to be an Identity Provider.

Attribute Release Practices

  • Vet each attribute release request with the UH Data Governance Committee.

  • Document and post each attribute release policy (below).

  • Release only the minimally required information.

  • Release targeted unique identifiers to 3rd party service providers to prevent them from pooling information to learn more about a person's purchasing habits (protects privacy).

It is recommended that a test environment for the service provider be available to test candidate configurations in our UH identity provider test environment to ensure everything meets expectations before deployment to our production environment. If unable to test candidate configurations in our test environment first, we are capable of deploying candidates directly to our production environment, but change management procedures constrain this and limits how quickly we can test and deploy any necessary changes.

It is also highly recommended that a service provider test environment be generally available beyond the initial service deployment. When the Shibboleth IdP is upgraded as necessary, An SP test environment will provide a means to test against any new integration changes before the new versions are deployed to our production Identity Provider environment.

Released Attributes

The attributes are released as specified by the attribute release policy set up for each SP. Below is a subset of the available attributes. UH generally uses the eduPerson schema.



Example Data

Additional Info



Example Data

Additional Info


Common Name

Jane Doe





Given name



Preferred form of name for display

J. Doe

  • Optional, often not be present


Campus affiliation



Campus affiliation @ scope (

eduPersonPrincipalName (ePPN)

UH Username '@' scope (

  • These are never reassigned

eduPersonTargetedID (ePTID)

An opaque, persistent unique id for each person for each Service Provider.


  • This attribute is designed to help preserve user privacy by preventing different Service Providers from aggregating and matching user data

  • Recent Internet2 MACE-dir discussions suggest that this attribute may be deprecated in the future. eduPersonUniqueID is the heir apparent.

  • A cryptographically secure hash is utilized to create the unique identifier for each user for each Service Provider

  • This attribute is deprecated


Email address

  • Single valued

  • These are never reassigned


UH Number


  • AKA Employee Id and Student Id

  • These are never reassigned


UH Username


  • These are never reassigned


Organizational affiliations by role


  • May be multi-valued unordered set, returned order is not significant


Name used to AuthN to the IdP


  • Used for Google @ UH

More comprehensive information for these attributes may be found here:

InCommon Federation Default Attribute Bundle

We release the following attributes by default to members of the InCommon Federation:


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